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A Parent’s Guide to Co-Signing a Bail Bond

When you receive a call from jail and hear your adult child's voice on the other end, you may feel shocked, worried and confused. In this situation, your child is likely calling you for help with getting out of jail, and the only solution is to post bail.
If you cannot afford to pay the entire bail amount in full, you can bail your child out by co-signing for a bail bond. Here’s everything you should know about co-signing for bail and all the different responsibilities you take on.

A Bail Bond Gets a Person Out of Jail

After a person is arrested for a crime, he or she will face charges through court. The person can stay in jail until the court date and trial occurs, or someone can bail the person out of jail. To bail someone out, you must pay the entire bail amount set by the court system. Unfortunately, this amount is often very high, leaving most people unable to pay it.

It is the reason people will contact a bail bondsman for help. Most bail bondsmen are available at all hours of the day simply because arrests happen at all times.

To use the services of a bail bondsman, you will typically pay 10% of the bail amount. For example, if the court set the bail for $10,000, you can bail the person out through a bail bondsman for $1,000. The bail bondsman covers the entire cost of the bail with you paying only 10% of it. However, there are several things to understand if you do this.

You Become the Co-Signer for the Bond

Your child will not have the ability to pay the bail alone. He or she will need your help, and this occurs when you visit a bail bondsman for help.
When you arrive, you must give the bail bondsman a lot of information about yourself and your child. The bail bondsman will prepare the necessary paperwork and charge you the 10% fee. You will then sign the documents that establish you as the co-signer.

If you do not have enough money to pay the 10% bail, the bondsman may offer you a payment plan.

The Responsibilities of This Contract

Using a bail bondsman to bail someone out of jail creates responsibilities for you, the co-signer. The main responsibility is making sure your child attends all court hearings related to the crime the court charged him or her with. If your child has pending cases from other crimes, they will not affect this particular bond.

When you purchased the bail bond, the bondsman agreed to cover the cost of bail for your child in return for you ensuring that he or she will attend these court hearings. If your child skips one, for any reason, the bail bondsman can come after you and your child for the balance of the bail. The balance is equal to the other 90% you did not have to pay.

When your adult child attends the court hearings, the court will typically release the bail money. This money is used to pay off the bail bondsman. The 10% you paid is not refunded to you. The 10% is the fee the bail bondsman earns for covering the rest of the bail. If you took a loan through the bail bondsman and are on a payment plan, you are responsible for making these payments.

When you get the call that your loved one is in jail and needs help, rely on A-Action Bail Bonds. Complete our contact form, and we will get back to you quickly to begin the bail bonding process.
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