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How Judges Set Bail

Judges take numerous factors into consideration when setting bail. How serious a crime is, and whether the criminal has a record plays a factor. Here are the numerous factors judges consider when setting bail.
Seriousness of the Crime and Danger to Society
The more serious the crime, the higher the bail will be set. Another factor a judge considers is whether the person being questioned is a danger to themselves or society. Generally, more danger equates to a higher bail.
Criminal Record
Whether the criminal has a previous record is another contributing factor. The judge may set the bail higher if the criminal has been on trial before. Also, bail may be denied altogether if the judge wants to keep the defendant in custody.
Additional Factors
Other factors judges consider include the defendant’s family ties, employment history, their reputation, mental state and their financial situation. If the defendant has failed to appear in court when convicted in the past, can tremendously impact the bail as well.
Judges consider countless factors when setting bail for a person. A few of the major factors include if the criminal is a danger to society, the seriousness of the crime and if they have committed crimes in the past. To learn more about how judges set bail, call A-Action; Bail Bonds.  

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