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If a Loved One Is Locked Up, There Are Ways to Expedite Release

No one wants to receive a telephone call informing them that a loved one has been arrested, but once that call is received, there are some steps that you can take that will help your loved one get out of jail more quickly. Understanding how the bail process works, what questions to ask and who to call will allow you to expedite the bail process, which will set your loved one free.
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How Is Bail Set?
Before you can bail someone out of jail, that individual must first have a bail amount set. In most situations, after someone is arrested they will be taken for booking before they are incarcerated in the local jail. Once the person is booked, they will usually appear before a judge, who will hear the details of the arrest, review any previous record the person may have and determine whether or not they are eligible for release based on the current charges.
If there is no judge available, this process may be conducted by a magistrate. The person arrested will usually face one of three options if they don’t want to stay in jail. The person may be:
  • Released on their own recognizance
  • Released on cash bail
  • Released on surety bond
If the person is not released on their own recognizance, they will need bail money in order to be released. If you are not able to post cash bail or pay the required money out of the resources you have on hand, you can obtain a surety bond from a bail bonds company such as A-Action Bail Bonds.

What Will You Need to Secure a Bond?
While your loved one is being processed, you need to call a bail bonds company so that the firm can begin the necessary procedures required to get your loved one released. Many companies have staff members who are available to answer your call at any time of the day or night.
The staff at a bail bonds company can give you free information on how they will be able to help you as well as answer any questions you have pertaining to the type of fees and charges you will face as a result of posting the bond. In order to start the process, you will need to give the company the following information about your loved one:
  • Full legal name
  • Date of birth
  • Charges
  • Location where they are being held
  • Processing or ID number
  • Amount of bail
  • Anything else you may know about the conditions of the arrest
Once you give the bail bonds company this information, an agent will assist you in completing the application and any other required paperwork. To do this, you will need to supply some personal information about yourself. This may include:
  • Identification
  • Verification of employment
  • Social security number
  • Date of birth
  • Telephone numbers
  • Driver's license number
In addition to this, you may be asked to furnish financial information so the company can determine whether or not you will be able to apply for the bond on your own or may need a co-signer.
Once the application process is complete, all you have to do is pay the required fees. If you do not have all of the money up front, don't worry. A company like A-Action Bail Bonds can help you set up a payment plan.
Once everything is completed on your end, the bail bonds staff will keep you updated on what is going on and give you an estimated timeline for your loved one's release. All you have to do is be patient, as you may have to wait a while to receive this information. The actual release is out of the hands of your bail bonds company, but rest assured the agents will do everything in their power to ensure that the release will take place as quickly as possible. 
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