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Understand How Bail Works

Understand How Bail Works | A-Action
Unless someone you know has been arrested and charged with a crime, you may only be familiar with bail from what you’ve seen on TV. Bail lets a defendant stay out of custody, or jail, until all court proceedings, including hearings and trials, are complete.
What Is It
Bail is money the defendant gives the court to guarantee that he or she will return to face the charges. If the defendant shows up at all the required procedures, then the money is returned at the end of the trial.
How to Get It
Depending on the state or county where the charges have been filed, payment can usually be made by cash, check and sometimes with a credit card. The bail amount is generally set based on the charges, not on how much the defendant can afford. If the amount is too expensive, people can seek the help of a bail bond company. With a bond, a person only has to pay a percentage of the bail amount. Additionally, most companies require collateral, something of value that would be forfeited if the defendant does not appear in court as required.
Seek Professional Advice
Navigating the legal system can be complicated. It’s important to get accurate, reliable advice about bail. If someone you know needs help getting released from jail with a bail bond, contact A-Action Bail Bonds to get the process started.

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