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24/7 Hassle-Free Bonding Services! We’ll Bail You Out in Minutes! We Welcome Out-of-State & County Bonds! Reliability & Trustworthiness Since 1977! Easy Payment Plans Are Available!

Convenient Locations

Convenient Locations

With locations throughout Texas, we offer complete bail bonding services anywhere in the U.S.

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Getting a loved one out of jail does not have to be problematic. We make it simple and easy.

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A-Action Bail Bonds
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Phone: 210-226-5487
Toll Free: 800-221-0931
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How We Can Help You

Out-of-state and county bonds welcome.Thank you for choosing to visit A-Action Bail Bonds. We’re honored that you have partnered with us in providing professional and confidential bail bond service. We feel A-Action Bail Bonds is the best bail bond agency in the business, and we take pride in developing trust and personal relationships with our clients.

Posting bail can be a traumatic experience for most people. What sets us apart from other agencies is our staff, as well as the personal and professional attention we provide our clients. Our clients are never treated as a number or statistic. By remaining a family-owned and -operated bail bonds agency, we give each and every client the highest priority and service they deserve and pay for.

The Embrey family has been in business serving the state of Texas since 1977. We offer 10 convenient locations across Texas. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, anywhere – our doors are always open. We can access immediate bail information anywhere in the country. Bail for your loved one may be posted conveniently by fax or phone both state and nationwide. We can provide service anywhere in the state of Texas or the U.S.

We offer:

  • Free bail information.
  • Out-of-state and county bonds welcome.
  • Easy payment plans available.
  • Check-in by phone, no long waiting.
  • Clean, a/c waiting rooms with seats and TV for your family.
  • Free lighted parking for clients.
  • 100 feet from jail.

A-Action Bail Bonds is affiliated with the Professional Bondsmen of Texas as well as the Professional Bail Agents of the United States.  We are the recognized bail bond industry leader in Texas with the experience and customer service to assist you in providing bail bonds in a professional and timely manner.

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